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Explore our new interactive webinar series

1 Hour interactive sessions for up to 10 people.
The perfect introduction for your sport or association.
Seven thought provoking topics are currently available.

Why the number of officials is in free fall & what we can do about it

60 Minute Interactive Webinar

Participation in sports continues to grow but number of officials continues to decline. An aging workforce, abuse and an apparent lack of interest to take up officiating are cited as reasons for the global downturn. In reality, it is the social constructs of sport lacking shared objectives is to blame. Until we can facilitate the changing of this narrative, officiating numbers will continue to decline. This session shares successful strategies on how to bring these two groups together and prevent the decline in the number of officials.

The great referee shortage and how to fix it

60 Minute Interactive Webinar

The catch cry of ‘we don’t have enough officials’ is common throughout amateur level sport across the world. We have been talking about what has now become an officiating ‘crisis’ for many years now, but officiating numbers still continue to decline. So how do we actually fix it? This session shares a successful strategy that has the ability to change this entire narrative completely. The answer is may easier than you think.

Creating a new generation of officials

60 Minute Interactive Webinar

The officials’ workforce is aging – rapidly. The average age of a starting official in 1976 was 20 years old. In 2016, it was 42. There are more officials over 60 than under 30 with the average age of officials across all US sports being 53.3 years of age. It is 60 y.o. in softball alone. This session looks at the current demographic of officials, successful strategies on lowering the age of officials, case studies and practical tips on how to successfully and sustainably recruit younger officials.

A proven model for the growth of officials

60 Minute Interactive Webinar

From the suburbs to the national stage, a simple strategy has changed the narrative of officiating in one sport. So much so it doubled the number of officials in 5 years through a combination of aggressive recruiting and by extension improving metrics key to the retention of officials. Over time this strategy has been refined and is now ready to be shared and adapted by all team sports to sustainably increase the number of available officials.

Increasing the number of officials through inclusion

60 Minute Interactive Webinar

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got’. If the officiating industry wants to grow numbers sufficiently to fill all matches, now is time to do things differently. This session discusses how only a changing face of officiating will allow officiating to reach the holy grail of having sufficient numbers of officials in your chosen sport.

Reducing abuse will increase the number of officials - right?

60 Minute Interactive Webinar

Simply implementing a respect program or dealing out harsher penalties for players showing dissent isn’t the silver bullet that will retain more officials. There are more complex factors at play. This session explores the real impact that abuse has on officiating, the effectiveness different strategies have shown to reduce the impact of abuse that some officials face along with other practical tips and tricks for a successful officiating program.

What officials really want

60 Minute Interactive Webinar

Anecdotally we know there are many, often complex, factors influencing officiating. This session looks at the drivers of officials starting, continuing and finishing officiating. It unpacks factors that lead to improved satisfaction levels and how these initiatives that are able to be implemented on a practical level to improve the retention rates of officials.

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